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Long term gain on sale of property will be taxed at 20% with Indexation benefit.You need to get the value of home as on 1981 and then index it to the year of sale.Please advise me I shoe invest her capital gain amount in this flat cost.Answers to above will help to calculate correct tax liability.

The payment of balance installments, identification of a particular flat and delivery of possession are consequential acts, that relate back to and arise from the rights conferred by the allotment letter.If I sell the house, How do I then calculate the total cost of the house.

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But you also need to show notional amount as deemed rent (Annual rental value or actual rent) as Income.So, all LTCG will be taxed for NRI (without using the basic exemption limit.Dear Vivek, my father bought a plot in 1960 and constructed a house on it.

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I, along with 3 siblings inherited some property from my parents.This land has completion certificate that means two temporary rooms have been built and certificate has been issued by Noida Authority.As long as her name is the flat document, you should be able to claim the benefit.US Producer Price Index is at a current level of 112.70, down from 112.80 last month.To claim the tax benefit, you can invest the capital gain in either residential property or invest in capital gain bond (upto rs 50 lakh).

We had the building demolished subsequently. so it was only a vacant site that we sold.Forex Trading USD Index Chart- US Dollar Index chart from FXTrek for foreign exchange and the currency trader.Total cost after all installments, registry etc is 10,50,000.Do I have to reflect it in the ITR for AY 2015-16 or in ITR for AY 2016-17.She has left behind a 2bhk flat in Navi Mumbai, which she bought out of her savings and pension benefits, in Dec 1998.I have sold my residential house in Ghaziabad and planning to invest the same in Noida in plot (land).

This chart shows 12-month percent changes in both the CPI for All.You need to invest in other house within two year from sale of property else build a house in three years.You can only take benefit if the property is purchased afterwards of within 1 year before the sale.Can I assume my capital gains tax is nil if my sale price is lower than my indexed cost of the flat. Thank you.Now I intend to sell the house for which price offered is Rs.67 lakhs. Kindly guide me how much capital gains tax is due to me.Use the tire load index chart to see how much weight your tire can support.

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Thanks for great help to all concerns, requested for early reply.A chart of the refractive indices for more than 115 varieties of gemstones, sorted in descending order.You need to make sure that transaction is completed once you get the TDS certificate.It is better to have a revaluation. if not, you can consider the 1973 price at 1981 price and then index it.It measures how quickly foods breakdown into sugar in your bloodstream.So if you are using Java, then once you select Resident status as Non resident then those 2 schedules will not be applicable.

Plz calculate the long term capital gain to us as early s possible.If, I sell all the flats for 10 crores, before 3 years from the date of sale.I booked and payed 100% (40L) amount to builder in 2007 for my flat and after construction he gave possession of the said flat in 2012.I am accruing capital gain by way of sale of ancestral property, can I invest proceeds accrued in a residential plot within one year of sale of original asset and later construct it within a period of 3 years from the left over amount that I am required to keep in Capital gain account scheme.Any capital gain from the sale of property shoudl be added as Income in your Income tax return.

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SPX advanced stock charts: view historical SPX data and compare to other stocks and exchanges.My father has given me 1 acre of agricultural land valued at ten thousand ( the market value was about 2 lacs) in May 1986.

I am willing to keep the amount in the bond(s) for its full term which I feel is 7 years. Pl guide. Thanks very much.I understand that this scenario falls under capital gain tax.If you have any query related to Calculating Capital Gains, please use the comments box below.

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For example, a chart may say the ideal weight for a man 5 ft 10 in.Please let me know how the income tax will be calculated in this case.